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Focus on customer needs and provide competitive drive solutions that continue to create value for our customers.

Our focus: customer-oriented, focusing on customer needs
Our services: to provide customers with competitive transmission solutions, rather than simple products and services
The value of our existence: grow together with our customers and continue to create value for our customers.


Our Mission

1, the achievement of customers

The customer is a broad-based customer, including internal customers and external customers. The customer is the day and the survival of the company.
Achieving customers is always to put customers first, to meet customer needs as a work goal, to quickly respond to and solve customer quality, delivery, service and other needs.
Have a good sense of customer service, take into account the company and market changes in the work, take the initiative to understand its impact on customer needs, and propose improvements.
Achieving customers is to achieve oneself, and to make customers become a company that is respected in the field of transmission.

6. Unity and cooperation

Teamwork means that our team members are interdependent, help each other, respect each other, embrace understanding and respect differences;
Mutual trust, mutual commitment, mutual help, mutual care and common improvement;
Benefit sharing, responsibility sharing, company interests, team interests above all else, wins to celebrate, and defeat to save;
Teamwork is not only a cross-cultural group collaboration spirit, but also a powerful guarantee for breaking the department wall and improving the efficiency of the process.

2, hardworking and simple

Hardworking means hard work, hard work, and willingness to pay; simple, simple, practical, and true, not to wear;
We don't have any scarce or monopoly resources to rely on, only hard work and simplicity can win the respect and trust of customers.
Diligent and simple entities are now making unremitting efforts in the market, on-site to create value for customers, and in every Starlight to continuously enrich and improve themselves.
We insist on the spirit of hard work embodied in diligence and simplicity, so that the strivers can get a reasonable return.

3. Self-criticism

Self-criticism is aimed at continuous improvement, continuous improvement, and abandonment rather than self-denial;
Be brave in self-awareness, courage to take responsibility, dare to face up to their own problems, and be brave to correct;
If you encounter problems, do not shirk, do not evade, proceed from your own, review and improve;
Only by persisting in self-criticism can we listen to different voices and continue to surpass ourselves in order to better respect others, cooperate and win-win, and realize the common development of customers, companies, teams and individuals.

Innovation and enterprising is the inexhaustible source of our starlight development. In order to better meet the needs of customers, we must be open-minded, innovative and enterprising.
Any advanced technology, products, services and management can only generate value if it is transformed into commercial success. We insist on customer demand-oriented and continuous innovation and progress.

4, innovation and enterprising

5, honest and trustworthy

Honesty means being honest, doing honest things, not falsifying, not concealing deception, not deceiving people;
Keeping trust is to talk about credit, keep promises, and do what you say;
We can only speak out and keep our promises if we are honest and sincere.
We insist on winning customers with integrity, honesty and trustworthiness is the most important intangible asset of our starlight.

 Core value

Industry application overall transmission solution solution expert

Our business positioning: focus on industry applications, and provide customers with integrated transmission solutions
Our range of services: mid- to high-end equipment manufacturing customers and industry end customers
Our external evaluation: an industry expert who inherits the craftsmanship of military enterprises


Corporate vision

-To brave challenges-


The courage to challenge brings passion, makes people look forward to anything, and strives to turn expectations into reality;
"If you don't experience the wind and rain, how can you see the rainbow?" When we encounter difficulties and problems, we must not withdraw or evade because of timidity. We must face difficulties and problems, be brave to challenge and persist.
Dare to constantly break the self, break the traditional thinking and concepts, explore the nature and roots of things, and thus achieve greater and further goals!

If you have hope, happiness will come to you; if you have a dream, your chance will cover you.
Dreams are the source of our development momentum and the driving force for social progress.
If there is no dream, we will stand still and be overtaken by others.
A dream is not necessarily a glorious vision of earth-shattering. For us, the dream is the idea of “how to make a job better and achieve its own value.” Only by constantly realizing one dream, we will always be full of vitality and vitality.

-Achive Dreams-




Quality concept

With the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, the expectations of customers have been advancing with the times. “Slow progress and retreat”, we must never meet the status quo of our quality, promote continuous improvement and create quality value.
   We adhere to the challenge spirit of excellence, customer-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, and constantly create value for customers!

Continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence

Service concept

The mission of Starlight is to “focus on customer needs, provide competitive transmission solutions, and continuously create value for customers”, which means that we must be customer-oriented and provide customers with products and services that exceed their expectations and help customers achieve their products. Value enhancement and brand improvement.
To this end, we must base ourselves on the market, take the initiative to fully grasp the needs of customers, and guide the needs of customers, to provide customers with overall transmission solutions, so that customers deeply feel our professionalism and care.

Exceed customer expectations

Talent concept

Starlight encourages every family member to have their own dreams and make unremitting efforts to believe, persist and move forward!
For all employees who have dreams and work hard, the company will prioritize resources to provide a stage for self-development and opportunities for development.

Give me a dream and give you a stage

Cooperation concept

To achieve others is a kind of effort, including "care, recognition, understanding, tolerance, sincerity..." Let others shine, you are the engine, you are the core!
Helping others accomplish tasks and achieve goals can win the trust and respect of others and ultimately win closer cooperation.
To achieve others, we can promote cooperation and achieve each other, thereby enhancing confidence and motivation, and better achieving company goals, team goals and personal goals.

Make others and achieve yourself

Technical view

Facing the scene: it is to serve the scene inside, everything starts from "site, present, reality"
Go to the scene in person, personally contact the real thing, personally understand the reality, and regard the "site" as a doctrine of innovation and improvement, and truly help the field solve problems.
  Market-oriented: It is to serve the market outside, to be customer-oriented, to explore the potential needs of the market, and to develop products that meet the needs of the market and customers.
  Facing the future: It is to grasp the technological development trend of the industry, master the evolution law of the market, analyze, summarize and summarize, formulate the enterprise technology innovation strategy, provide technological innovation solutions for the future development of the enterprise, and become the pioneer of the industry technology innovation!

Field-oriented, market-oriented, future-oriented

Business philosophy