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Group profile

State-owned military enterprise

State-owned Starlight Tooling Factory

Between the static and the quiet

Walk hand in hand, starry

Provided for high-end equipment manufacturing

Industry application overall drive solution

Starlight Group, founded in 1965

The company has strong technical strength and has more than 400 employees, including more than 40 engineers and technicians. It has a team of senior engineers who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council as the core, and various advanced processing and testing equipment, relying on provincial engineering technology research. The center, the reducer product test room and the modern R&D and production base provide a good development foundation for the industrial application development and service of high-end reducer products.

Business philosophy

Our Mission

corporate vision

core value

Enterprise spirit

Company culture

Love without border

Since the establishment of the Starlight Fund, it has carried out many relay activities to care for the lonely and help the weak love.

In the future development, Xingguang will carry the core values of “achieve customers, diligent and simple, self-criticism, innovation, honesty and trustworthiness, teamwork”, and “quality creates value” as the business philosophy, focusing on customer needs and providing competitiveness. Drive solutions continue to create value for customers

With a long-term strategic vision, Xingguang Group strives to assume more social responsibilities for the country, supports the government's reform measures, and actively promotes social harmony and stable development. Between the static and the quiet, only simple and extraordinary; hand in hand, starry

Looking to the future

Starlight Manufacturing Starlight Creation Starlight Service
Create high-end equipment manufacturing
Replacement import upgrade

Building an entrepreneurial platform - opening up internal entrepreneurship and implementing "Star Miba" cell fission
Create an industry alliance - technical capital cooperation, promote alliance cooperation
Construction service system - set up a distribution service center to meet customer needs
Building a research and development platform - building a star research institute to promote the pace of technological innovation
Implementing Talent Engineering - Building the Starlight Academy and cultivating 100 Starlight Elites
Exploring capital operations - listing the company's operations and creating 5 billion businesses